Tridium, an independent business of Honeywell, makes a software framework that lets machines talk to each other. 

I spent 7+ months researching, interviewing, and working to understand and explain how their software connects and controls devices around the world. The work entailed writing an entirely new website, PowerPoint decks, video scripts, brochures, sales material, event displays, and anything else that needed to be done.

designers: Dana Hoeck, Health Flohre, Scott Vadas, Liz Belte; writers: Will Sims, Kate Bredimus, Katie Cascio; optimization: Shade Wilson, Logan Graham; account management: Emily Greenwood, Stephanie Cardwell, Stacie Elliott; creative direction: Aaron Dotson, Frank Gilliam


A video that explains the basics


A comprehensive website revised from the ground up

Tridium's global website was entirely re-written and designed from scratch. Click the image to see the site.

By the way, if you're in an industrial business of nearly any kind, you should probably think about adding the Niagara Framework to your buildings, devices or systems. It's pretty amazing.


Sales material across product lines

The scope of work for this client ranged from PPTs to events to the website and beyond (cue Buzz Lightyear soundtrack). The launch brochure for the latest version of Niagara is representative of the scope, detail and tone of the writing.

Click the image to download the entire brochure.