a little of the flahoolick I've helped produce.

As with all of the work shown on this site, many people contributed in many ways to each piece.

Virginia is for Lovers – AM radio for the sports junkie in you

As heard on the finest AM radios available

The Valley Hospital – heart surgery made easy

Featuring the mellow sounds of Hector Elizando

Top of the World Trade Center – when show is better than tell

Especially when the view is from the Top of the World Trade Center (Tower 2)

One Monument Avenue – convincing people to live in a hospital

Even when they believe it's haunted

Fete Studio – small space for the big day

Tiny ads for one of the biggest moments in your life

Springhill Chevron – be honest, simple and true

People like that

The Richmond Symphony – get up close and personal

After all, who doesn't love a musician?

Virginia Agriculture – when all else fails, you can count on babies & animals

and fresh vegetables