Putting the love in Virginia is for Lovers

This campaign, done for the venerable Virginia Tourism brand, is one of my favorites because my creative partner and I authored every piece that went into the mix. TV and radio, print and Internet, events and PR, signage, marketing plans, speeches, parties, billboards and buses—over the course of two years, we produced award-winning work across every market segment for local, national and international audiences.

Below are a few of the pieces that demonstrate the scope of work.

Work produced for Barker, Campbell, Farley & Mansfield. art direction: Kevin Christie; writing: Will Sims; account management: Pete Leddy, Michael Zuna, Susan Motley; creative direction: Bill Campbell, Bruce Mansfield, Walt Taylor


A billboard for the Marriott Marquis in Times Square.

Times Square billboard

Two TV spots that highlight the Love message and seasonal offerings


A tour bus we had painted to use for magazine ads, conventions, and PR events on the East Coast.
This was part of an effort to influence the motorcoach market.


A simple message about love (and Virginia) for print venues


If you were on a long road trip to play golf in the Carolinas, you saw this billboard.


This poster was an accurate ruler, measuring 6’7" tall, that hung in the elevators going to skyboxes at the Verizon Center.
Passengers interacted with the poster by measuring themselves in comparison to basketball players, historic persons, mythical figures, and Virginia’s attractions.


Part of a sports marketing effort,  a radio campaign aired during coverage of the Wizards’ games.

Seasonal consumer travel packages were a large part of the marketing mix.


And the campaign included messages for meeting planners and other industry-specific markets.
(click image for larger version, if you want to read the copy—which was kind of fun)


No space was left uncharted—from Times Square billboards to postage-sized directory listings