I like a challenge – like making a direct mail piece that actually gets opened, creating for tiny spaces, or finding something interesting about a seemingly ordinary product. 

Direct mail, gifts, and personalized media

The Pantone Books below were personalized for designers and production managers. Useful and fun, they got noticed (and were written about in a German magazine on printing). On a recent trip to an agency, I saw a set of them still in use—more than ten years after they were sent.

Work done for Owen Design Co. and Worth Higgins & Associates. concept and writing: Will Sims; concept and design: Jennifer Owen


Remember when real estate loans were a little too easy to get? Erm, yeah. I helped make that happen for a company called Saxon Mortgage. These direct mail postcards were part of a larger campaign that played with facts and figures.

Created for Martin Branding. concept and writing: Will Sims; design: OIC Designers


One of my favorite things to do is help my friends. This little postcard (and an accompanying set of ads) was for the Springhill Chevron station in McLean, Virginia. There's an antique truck parked by the pumps. You can get a coke and a candy bar; but don't expect hot food and trinkets. Mostly, this is a great little place to get gas and fix your car.

design and copy: Will Sims


Small space

A couple of tiny ads designed to make a big impact for a wedding planner

designer: Jennifer Owen


Economy sized ad for a community concert

design and copy: Will Sims


Just 'cause I like 'em

99 images forming a 360° view of New York and New Jersey. Taken from the Top of the World Trade Center (Tower Two) for a brochure and advertising.

concept: Kevin Christie and Will Sims


A community concert series about getting up close with the performers



Every now and then I try to channel my inner Herb Lubalin